Twitter Twits: Baby Birds Eating Puked Pablum

I keep reading statements like “I’m an avid reader of social media” in people’s profiles — usually at social media sites. And usually these people are trying to follow me. (No, I won’t share my real life Twitter handle; that would defeat the purpose of this blog.) But I don’t get this idea of “Hey, look at me! I only read little text bites!” It’s kinda like saying reading is hard. Or that actual big words scare you.

Actually, it’s worse.

Especially when there’s no mention of other other media consumption.

It’s one thing to follow the people you want, but why would you want to present yourself as counting solely on social media?

And you know what that “I’m a social media addict” makes me think? That makes me think those people can’t or won’t watch news reports, read for comprehension, consume media and do the required analysis and critical thinking — so they count on others to do so for them.

Like tiny baby birds unable to digest on their own, these people rely on others to consume the news, break it down, digest it, and then regurgitate it. Down their throats.

I’d rather be called an elitist, an egghead, a nerd, an ivory tower type — any or all, even with some derogatory descriptive word before it — than to promote myself as unable or unwilling to select, consume, and digest the days events.

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